Sales Training Solutions


At Insadec we believe that everyone has performed sales whether they are sales professional or not. In day to day life we are performing sales function whether to influence someone to act in a desired manner or to convince someone with facts or to actually selling a product or services in exchange of money. We believe that everyone can perform a better sales job with training. Sales is a function that draws insights from various other fields like psychology, strategy, research, etc. All these can be taught and learned in combination to get the desired results. Organizations have focused on sales function and have grown its length & breath. Technology has also supported its growth. New theories and principals are now available to improve sales process, enhancing buyers experience and exceed expectation.

To achieve, we have created a special sales training and skill development programs that focus on various aspects of sales function. Each training program is supported by learning, role playing and activities. Each training program can be delivered independently or in combination.

Organizations & institutes will grow its sales knowledge and performance by implementing various sales training & skill development programs.

Our sales training is very useful for start-ups, small & mid size companies, large organizations, sales executives, students of sales management, young entrepreneurs, etc.

Working capital & cash management is the basics of every business

Sales fixes financial problems in organizations

Sales bring cash & let business to grow

Sales measure the top line for organizations

Executives at all levels must have sales skills

Everyone is in sales whether they are sales professional or non sales professionals

Execution of sales jobs require insights about various sales dimensions

Sales skills can be learnt at any stage

Quality sales skills will build capabilities & make people more employable

Acquiring quality sales skills makes better careers & gives exposure to more opportunities

Young entrepreneurs needs sales acumen to run the business

Learn the dimensions of professional selling