1. What are your services?

A. Insadec offers services in inside sales. It offers support to

a. New companies to generate sales pipeline.

b. Existing companies to generate sales pipeline from new regions or launch new services.

c. It also support sales efforts where the market share of a product or service is relatively low in a segment.

d. Demonstration of products or services.

2. At what stage the lead is transferred to sales organization of the CRO? <
The lead is regularly transferred to sales organization once it is qualified, the prospect has shown interest and has procurement resources to buy the services of our client or there is RFI/RFP.
3. How the lead or opportunity is transferred to CRO?
Insadec will transfer the opportunity to sales with proper supporting documentations. This will help sales rep to understand the opportunity faster & brings the rep on-board fairly quickly.
4. Do you work with other CROs in the same services?
Yes, we work with multiple CROs and life sciences companies. Our business model is based on three pillars: team, strategy and system/ processes. The most important among three pillars is system. Our system will ensure complete firewall, confidentiality and different team members will work for different client from different locations to prevent any contamination in case of exactly same service of our clients.

The core value of our business are excellence in what we do, team spirit to meet targets, trust in our abilities & integrity in our system and moral principles.

The targeting & messaging by different CROs are different. Large global CROs would work in different capacities as compared to a mid-size CROs. Even two mid-size or small CROs would cater to its own niches. The positioning is different, range & depth of services are different, expertise & specializations are different, the target countries varies and the difference also lies in the delivery models & availability of robust infrastructure.

Each CRO has its own uniqueness, Isadec will leverage these uniqueness to create sales pipeline. Insadec will sign a confidentiality agreement. We also have provision for staff sitting at different locations so that they do not interact with each other while working on same assignments. Each member of team has executed confidentiality agreement with Insadec before the team member is allocated to a project.

From the industry I can site an example to reflect integrity & trust: our business model works on the same principle that a single CRO works on many projects for number of pharma companies in same area.

5. Do you represent your customers in trade shows or industry events?
Yes, this is a separate service, chargeable on per day basis.
6. Is there any option for bid defence support?
Yes, this is a separate service, chargeable on per bid defence basis.
7. What is your pricing model?
We work on monthly fixed fee plus a nominal commission as a percentage of gross sales. We charge on per service per country basis.
8. How the client will monitor the Insadec's team activities?
Insadec will provide weekly or fortnight updates to your sales organization, you team will have the complete visibility of important telecons or arranging a face to face meeting with the prospects for your sales rep and update will be provided on monthly targets or cumulative achievements.